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You are welcome to submit articles in your area of expertise that relate to the overarching categories available on our site. If your article cannot naturally fit in any of these categories, our website and community may not be the best platform and audience for your message.

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Submission Guideline

  • Minimum 1200 words article
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  • Compulsory included headings relating to keyword “H2, H3 and H4″ tags
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Rapid Mobile is a space for you to have your unique voice, and to do so in a way that appreciates our mission, values and manifesto. Please ensure your tone is inspiring, informative, open hearted, inclusive and positive. Please help our readers to grow through whatever messages you share.

We are absolutely NOT about sarcastic, dictatorial, or polarising approaches that create division.

You are welcome to insert a Youtube video into your article if it is directly relevant to the article topic and the content of that video is appropriate. If you wish to include a video, please ensure you put brackets around the Youtube video URL in the exact place in your article that you wish it to appear.

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  • Make basic edits to articles (including but not limited to spelling, grammar, and paragraph/sentence structure for the purpose of improving readability).

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