Matter Center for Office 365 now available in GitHub

Rapid Mike
Posted on December 18, 2015, 2:32 pm
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Microsoft has anounced today that Matter Center, an Office 365 add-in and SharePoint-based document collaboration solution for legal professionals, is now available in GitHub.

Matter Center allows developers to deliver new productivity solutions in the legal space, with seamless access from any device and extensive compliance, management and security capabilities.

Matter Center takes advantage of all the deep enterprise content management capabilities of SharePoint and offers many additional benefits by being integrated into the Office 365 platform, including: integration with Outlook and Word, rich content search and discovery with Delve, analytics with Power BI, personal document storage and collaboration with OneDrive for Business, extensive compliance, management and security and a growing list of capabilities as Office 365 continues to move forward.

Microsoft stated:

Square UK Matter Center for Office 365 now available in GitHub

“We followed a few simple principles while developing the solution, which included keeping the user experience centered within the Office tools where our attorneys spend their time, providing access without installing additional software on the desktop and ensuring all content is available and accessible anywhere, on any device and at any time through Office 365.

The solution has been was such a hit internally that we decided to extend it beyond our four walls. We’ve since worked with IT solution providers and software vendors who service the legal industry to use Matter Center as a model for how solutions can be built with Office 365. Our partners were empowered to deploy the solution to their customers and build on top of our technology and extend Matter Center in a customized way that addresses the entire matter document management lifecycle – including bulk email management and ethical wall integration scenarios.”

Created with Microsoft’ Corporate, External & Legal Affairs group, Matter Center integrates Outlook, Word, Power BI analytics, Delve’s rich search and discovery capabilities, and OneDrive for Business tools for document storage and collaboration.

In the Github repository, you will find the full source code, deployment guidance and additional resources to help you get Matter Center up and running in your own environments.

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