Samsung’s 5G City Previews the 5G Era

Samsung has built a ‘5G City’ to demonstrate certain aspects of the upcoming 5G era, where things will be connected throughout the world with a 5G communications network. ‘5G City’ is located within ‘Digital City’ of Samsung Electronics in Suwon, Korea, and is made up of three parts: the ‘5G Stadium’, the ‘5G Connectivity Node’ and the ‘5G Kiosk’.

Using a massive MIMO (multiple input multiple output), the stadium offers an environment where dozens of people can watch high-definition streaming videos seamlessly. The lagging replay videos at a baseball stadium will soon become a thing of the past. It is applicable for crowed venues like sports centers, concert halls, conference areas and more.

The 5G Stadium is intended to demonstrate the 5G internet experience in future stadiums, concerts, conferences, and any other large gatherings. With 5G networks, large crowds can stream high-definition videos simultaneously by using the MIMO (multiple input multiple output) technology.

The 5G Connectivity Node focuses on the smart city aspects in a 5G era. It envisions a future where CCTVs, digital signages, and various sensors are connected through 5G and other technologies to enable better traffic control, improved safety, etc. This component of the 5G City is all about the efficient management of future cities by harnessing the power of 5G connectivity.

High-speed download becomes a breeze with the ‘5G Kiosk’, the hot spot of 5G era that allows for super high-speed download. When a 5G test bus drives into this area, download speeds reach 1~3Gbps, a 500MB file can be downloaded within five to six seconds. With the most optimal technology and equipment of the 5G era, the ‘5G Kiosk’ zone will be able to provide new services such as high-definition video, map download and large software updates for autonomous vehicles.