BlackBerry and Pana-Pacific bring BlackBerry Radar to More Than 2,800 Commercial Vehicle Dealers in North America

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BlackBerry and Pana-Pacific announced today that BlackBerry Radar, an asset tracking solution that provides unparalleled visibility into cargo and mobile fleet assets, is now available to more than 2,800 heavy-duty truck dealerships across North America.

As part of the agreement, Pana-Pacific’s customers have access to BlackBerry’s Radar-M, which is designed for trailers and containers, as well as Radar-L, which is designed for flatbeds, chassis, containers, heavy machinery, and other valuable transportation or non-powered equipment assets.

During the announcement, Philip Poulidis, senior vice-president and general manager of BlackBerry Radar, said that although he believes his company is offering a “great product,” it means nothing if it is not properly distributed.

In addition to the U.S., Pana-Pacific has several dealers in Canada, including 152 in Ontario, 80 in B.C., 66 in Alberta, 24 in Saskatchewan, and 15 in Manitoba.

BlackBerry and Pana-Pacific bring BlackBerry Radar to More Than 2,800 Commercial Vehicle Dealers in North America

John Trenberth, CEO, Pana-Pacific said,

“At Pana-Pacific, we strive to offer unique products and programs that exceed the needs and expectations of our commercial vehicle customers,”

“We decided to add BlackBerry Radar to our portfolio because we believe the near-real-time information it provides will empower our customers to make better business decisions and improve the overall performance of their transportation operations.”

Pouldis said,

“BlackBerry Radar collects up to 100 times more data than conventional GPS based track-and-trace solutions,”

“All data is stored securely on a platform which maintains the privacy of the user’s and customer’s information at all times.”

Poulidis said each device is virtually maintenance-free and can be installed in minutes, which gives owners instant access to a cloud-based information dashboard 24/7.

“BlackBerry Radar allows fleet managers and equipment owners to make smarter decisions for their business, saving time, money and resources,”

“We’re excited to partner with forward-thinking companies, like Pana-Pacific, who realize the value that technology and actionable data can provide to the transportation and logistics industry.”

BlackBerry Radar is an innovative, fast install and data-driven solution that provides near real-time information such as vehicle location, route and mileage, temperature, humidity, door status, and cargo load state on a single intuitive on-line dashboard.

It collects up to 100x more data than conventional GPS-based track and trace solutions, and uses this information to build a 360-degree visualization of a customer’s assets to ensure safety, security, and regulatory compliance.

All data is stored securely on a cloud platform, which maintains the privacy of user information at all times.

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