Vodafone 5x data offer

Vodafone launches Pay As You Go Data offer

Vodafone launches Pay As You Go (PAYG) offer giving customers five times the data for the same price.

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Vodafone has launched its best-value PAYG offer of the year, giving customers five times the data usually on offer across all of its Big Value Bundles.

Given the financial uncertainty many people are facing, PAYG is a great way for some customers to stay connected as there are no contracts, you can cancel at any point, and paying in advance gives complete control over spending.

This offer is valid from 1 July to 16 September and means customers can get:

  • 15GB of data (instead of 3GB), for just £10 a month
  • 30GB of data (instead of 6GB) for just £15 a month
  • 50GB of data (instead of 10GB) for just £20 a month
  • 100GB of data (instead of 20GB) for just £30 a month

Max Taylor, Consumer Brand Director, Vodafone UK said:

“These are uncertain times and we are starting to see more customers opt for our flexible Pay As You Go services. We want to keep people connecting, which is why we have launched this offer, giving customers five times as much data for the same low price they would usually pay.

“It’s a great deal, with no commitment or contract but still fantastic quality on the UK’s best mobile data network.”

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