Using the BBM Meetings Outlook Plugin and how to get BBM Meetings

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Yesterday, BlackBerry released an upgrade to their BBM Meetings apps bringing enhanced meeting privacy control and more. They also finally made available the BBM Meetings plugin for Microsoft Outlook, which they had originally announced back at MWC 2015.

The BBM Meetings Microsoft Outlook Plug-in enables users to either schedule a future BBM Meeting or to start an instant BBM Meeting, from within the Microsoft Outlook client on the Mac or Windows desktop.

The first step is obviously, downloading the Outlook Plugin and installing it.

  • Download the standalone installer for the BBM Meetings Outlook Plug-in:
    • From drop down menu select BBM Meetings Plugin for Microsoft Outlook.
    • Click Next
    • Download the software.
  • Run the installer for the BBM Meetings Microsoft Outlook Plug-in and follow the instructions in the on-screen wizard to complete the installation.
  • Restart the Microsoft Outlook client.

If the BBM Meetings Microsoft Outlook Plug-in was installed while Microsoft Outlook was open, the BBM Meetings scheduling options will not be seen on the Microsoft Outlook ribbon until after Microsoft Outlook has been restarted. If using BBM Meetings for Windows, you must be running BBM Meetings for Windows 1.1 or later to utilize the BBM Meetings Microsoft Outlook Plug-in.

After a successful installation of the BBM Meetings Microsoft Outlook Plug-in (and a subsequent restart of Microsoft Outlook), two new options should appear on the Microsoft Outlook ribbon under the Home tab.

BBM Meeting Outlook Plugin Using the BBM Meetings Outlook Plugin and how to get BBM Meetings

Schedule a Meeting

Clicking this option in Microsoft Outlook will open a new appointment that by default is scheduled for the top of the next hour.

BBM Meeting - Schedule a Meeting Using the BBM Meetings Outlook Plugin and how to get BBM Meetings

All of the meeting details can be configured and saved as you would typically do in Microsoft Outlook.

BBM Meetings Schedule Email Using the BBM Meetings Outlook Plugin and how to get BBM Meetings

Once the meeting is saved, it will be synchronized to the BBM Meetings application and service.

Start Instant Meeting

Clicking on this option will invoke the BBM Meetings application in Windows and immediately start a new BBM Meeting.

The host of the BBM Meeting is able to configure the desired settings for the meeting, including both audio and video options. When an instant BBM Meeting is started, some other applications on the Windows host, such as Windows Media Player, are muted so that the audio in the BBM Meeting can be heard without issue.

BBM Meetings from Outlook Using the BBM Meetings Outlook Plugin and how to get BBM Meetings

After the meeting has been concluded, the applications that have been muted will have their sound restored.

What is BBM Meetings?

BBM Meetings makes it easy to turn any BBM chat, multi person chat, group chat or BBM Voice call into a live BBM Meeting with a simple touch of a button. Because when it’s time to review a presentation or share an idea, sometimes it’s just easier to jump into a meeting.

BBM Meetings is one of BlackBerry’s apps that I get questions about on a regular basis.  BBM Meetings should probably be called BlackBerry Meetings as it does not require BBM.  If you are user who dislikes BBM, you should not be put off by BBM Meetings.  The other important point to point out is that BBM Meetings does not require BES to operate either.

With BBM Meetings, when it’s time to meet your phone rings. Answer it just like a voice call and you’re in the meeting ready to go.

How to get BBM Meetings

Gettting BBM Meetings is simple:

If you have no intentions of hosting a meeting, then you simply have to download the app on the platform(s) of your choice and install it.  There is absolutely nothing else you need to do, it’s that simple.

If you want to host meetings, then you are required to purchase a subscription.

You can purchase a  BBM Meetings subscription at the BlackBerry Enterprise Store. If you have an existing store account, login, otherwise create a new account.

You will find BBM Meetings in the Enterprise Store here.

BBM Meetings Subscription Using the BBM Meetings Outlook Plugin and how to get BBM Meetings

Purchase your BBM Meetings subscription as you would any other product or service in an online store.

When you have completed your order, and confirmed the purchase – you will recieve a confirmation order.

Shortly after, you should recieve an activation email.

Follow the instructions provided in the activation email to begin using the BBM Meetings service.

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