Adding Multiple Administrators to BBM Channels

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One of the most requested features from BlackBerry’s BBM Channels users has been the ability to add multiple administratiors (Contributors). BBM Channel Administrators are the users who create, manage and most importantly,  post new channel content.

Back on 1st March, BlackBerry announced that the mult-admins feature for BBM Channels was finally here but, to the disappointment of users, the feature failed to appear.

Today, BlackBerry have silently released the feature and you can now add multiple administrators to existing or new BBM Channels.

Adding new administrators to a Channel is straight forward.

Login as an existing administrator to the BBM Channels Web Portal. If you have never logged in before, simply use your existing BlackBerry ID, where you can create your first Channel.

Once you have an existing channel, select the channel you’d like to add an administrator to by clicking on the person icon.

BBM Channels Multi Admins

A new dialog box will open up. On the left, you can enter the details of the administrator that you wish to add, and on the right is a list box of existing administrators and their status for that channel.

BBM Channels Admins Pending

Add an Administrator

To add a new administrator, simply enter their name and the email of the BlackBerry ID that they are currently using and click the Add button.

You should note that the email address must match an existing users BlackBerry ID, so check with the user you are adding to make sure you add the correct email matching their BlackBerry ID.

That user will immediately be added as a pending administrator and an email will be sent to them, inviting them to become a moderator for your channel.

BBM Multi Admin acceptance

Your new contributor simply has to click on Click here in the email, where they will be taken to the web portal to accept the new position.

That user will then show as an Administrator in the Web Portal.

Remove an Administrator

To remove an existing administrator, select them from the drop down box on the right and click the remove button.

Unfortunately, the multi-admin feature only works within the Web Portal.  It does not work via Mobile or the Hootsuite BBM Channels app.

It should also be noted that added Contributors cannot add other contributors or delete the Channel.

However, it is a good start by BlackBerry, even if it is long overdue.

So if you are operating your own BBM Channel, start adding other contributors to enhance the productivity of your Channel.  If you haven’t created your own BBM Channel, now might be a good time to give it a look.

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