Rapid Yvonne Team Rapid
Rapid Yvonne

Rapid Yvonne is our Android expert. Proficient in developing for the Android platform, Yvonne handles all our clients who have issues with developing…

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    Rapid Susan Team Rapid
    Rapid Susan
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      Rapid Marianne Team Rapid
      Rapid Marianne

      Rapid Marianne is the Editor of Rapid Mobile and keeps everybody in check.
      With a degree in Social Media, Marianne is the only non-developer on the…

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        Team Rapid
        Rapid Lorna
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          Rapid John Team Rapid
          Rapid John

          Rapid John has a quarter of a century in programming for Government and Corporate bodies and is proficient in most major programming languages.  He is…

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          Rapid Jacqueline Team Rapid
          Rapid Jacqueline
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            Rapid Carol Team Rapid
            Rapid Carol

            Rapid Carol is our resident C++ developer. With a background in corporate development, Carol is responsible for producing all our C++ code for…

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              Rapid Mike Team Rapid
              Rapid Mike

              Rapid Mike is our Linux expert. Mike loves to enthuse about all the latest technical issues and spends a lot of time coding for Linux. He had a major…

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                Team Rapid
                Guy Bridges

                Guy is our resident Graphics genius and technical wizard.
                He sees the world in pixels. He sees reality tomorrow and lived the future yesterday. It…

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