Samsung has launched its SAFE (Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem) Cloud Design Platform (CDP), designed in collaboration with Rescale for the company’s fabless customers. The platform provides a virtual environment where Samsung Foundry’s customers can develop chips in the cloud.
Samsung eUFS_UFS3.1
Samsung has started mass producing 512GB storage chips that are based on the new, eUFS 3.1 standard for use in flagship smartphones. Delivering three times the write speed of the previous 512GB eUFS 3.0 mobile memory, Samsung’s new eUFS 3.1 breaks the 1GB/s performance threshold in smartphone storage.
OnePlus has once again cooperated with Samsung Display to tailor a unique AMOLED display with the most rigorous specs in the industry, including a breathtakingly smooth 120 Hz refresh rate.
Peng Cheng Laboratory
Huawei and Peng Cheng Laboratory have jointly released Peng Cheng Cloud Brain II Phase 1, officially launching the journey to AI clusters at 1000 petaFLOPS (PFLOPS) scale. This marks a new milestone in the scientific research field for the Kunpeng computing industry.
Huawei's 5G MEC solution won the Wireless Innovation Award at the 21st World Communication Award Ceremony held in London by Total Telecom. The award reflects the industry's recognition of Huawei's 5G MEC solution in technical innovation, business, and ecosystem construction.