Due to the current Coronavirus crisis, Motorola launched the Motorola Razr in India, at an online event earlier today. The Motorola Razr, the company's first-ever clamshell-style flexible display smartphone that folds completely, is now available to pre-order in India.
BlackBerry's India managing director Narendra Nayak has quit the company, two years after joining. Nayak was responsible for driving BlackBerry's software and services business through all channels in India, direct enterprise customers, network operators, distribution partners and BlackBerry's growing ecosystem of indirect channels in India
Iran's Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) has extended its ban on contraband mobile phones to LG branded handsets as part of the government's policy of curbing phone smuggling, Financial Tribune reported. Under the Mobile Registry Scheme, LG phones must be registered with the industry regulator, or they will be disconnected from the network.