Bubl Robot Tiktok
O2 has marked the arrival of its new brand platform, Bubl, by taking the robot to TikTok. In the first ever robot dance on TikTok, O2 launched the O2BublDance Duet Competition on Thursday 17th September to showcase how O2 is there to help you whenever – even when its learning the latest dance routine.
Blis has today announced an exclusive partnership with O2 that will give clients exceptional accuracy and scale when advertising online. The proposition, Telco-powered Targeting – together with O2, will use aggregated and anonymised customer behaviour data to match websites with audience segments.
O2 Bubl
O2 has launched a new creative platform, in a new positioning that OS says is the company returning to its roots; "a brand and business that’s obsessed with putting customers’ first", building on its industry leading levels of customer loyalty through a completely new creative direction with the introduction of Bubl.