Facebook is was working to resolve issues faced by some users while sending and receiving media files on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The outages appear to be connected to US cybersecurity firm Cloudflare which has been affected by an outage at telecommunications provider Verizon.
FB Messaging Platforms
At it's ongoing F8 annual developer conference, while the keynote opened with CEO Mark Zuckerberg stressing on a privacy-focused platform, there were a lot of new developments shared as far as all of Facebook’s products are concerned. Starting with Messenger, Facebook shared plans about integrating the chat app with Instagram and WhatsApp.
Instagram is launching an online shopping feature that will allow users to buy products directly within the Instagram app, marking a major move into ecommerce and a bid to tap new revenue streams.
FB Messaging Platforms
Facebook currently owns and operates three messaging platforms that all run independently of each other - Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. All three platforms feature their own respective messaging component; Instagram users, for instance, can't use the app to contact users on WhatsApp.
Facebook today announced new tools to help people manage their time on Facebook and Instagram: an activity dashboard, a daily reminder and a new way to limit notifications. Similar to Apple's Screen Time, the tools are intended to help users monitor and control their usage of both the main Facebook app and Instagram.
BlackBerry has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Snap Inc. SImilar to the companies lawsuit against Facebook last month, BlackBerry says that Snap has infringed on intellectual property, including innovations on real-time activity location for maps, message notification techniques and methods for integrating advertising on mobile devices.
Patent Fight
BlackBerry has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook and its companies WhatsApp and Instagram for their use of instant messaging. The lawsuit alleges that Facebook "created mobile messaging applications that co-opt BlackBerry's innovations, using a number of the innovative security, user interface, and functionality enhancing features.