Facebook Messenger Rooms
Due to the current lockdown, video calling software is hugely popular at the moment, with Zoom the main beneficiary. Now Facebook wants a piece of the video calling market, and has introduced a new service called Messenger Rooms.
Facebook has started rolling out a faster, smaller and simpler Messenger on iOS. The roll will take place over the the next few weeks and the company says that Messenger will load twice as fast and will be one-fourth its original size.
Facebook may have been hit by another data scandal this month but that hasn't stopped the company's aspirations, or delusion. In a bid to end dependency on Google’s Android operating system, Facebook is now reportedly working on building its own OS from scratch to power its hardware dreams.
Huawei is more trusted by the UK public than Facebook, according to the results of a UK consumer survey conducted by Censuswide. The survey examined attitudes towards the big messaging platform providers (i.e. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp), as well as wider consumer trust in the technology sector.
PayPal announced Friday that it will no longer be part of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project. The company said that while it is quitting the Libra Association it remains "supportive of Libra's aspirations," and that the firm will continue to work with Facebook in the future.
A panel of administrative patent judges (APJs) has instituted two IPR proceedings filed by Facebook and its subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram. Both IPRs challenge the same 12 claims of BlackBerry’s U.S. Patent No. 8279173, User Interface for Selecting a Photo Tag.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has voted to approve a £4bn ($5bn) settlement with Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The fine is the largest-ever imposed by the FTC for violating an order and is in line with what the company said it expected to pay in its quarterly report in April. In July, the ICO issued a Notice of Intent to fine Facebook as part of a wide ranging investigation into the use of data analytics for political purposes.