Punkt MP02
When Punkt launched the MP02, back in September of last year, it was inevitable that the first release would bring with it some software bugs on the handset. Fortunately, the company has now released the first update of the MP02’s firmware and it is now available to install over the air.
Punkt MP02
At the London Design Festival today. Punkt released the second edition of its mobile phone, the MP02 4G. Designed by Jasper Morrison, the new MP02 benefits from 4G LTE, making it available for use all over the world, has the ability to tether to another device (a laptop or tablet) and it features BlackBerry Secure Software – the first ever non-BlackBerry handset to be certified with this.
Back in March of this year, BlackBerry announced it had signed a technology and brand licensing deal for “BlackBerry Secure” with Swiss consumer electronics maker, Punkt Tronics AG. The new agreement enables Punkt to bring to market a range of highly-secure products which will embed BlackBerry cybersecurity technology
BlackBerry today announced it has entered into a partnership with Bullitt Group, a British smartphone and consumer electronics maker, to develop new highly-secure connected devices that are certified as "BlackBerry Secure." Bullitt intends to embed BlackBerry cybersecurity technology into a range of rugged Cat (Caterpillar Inc.) and Land Rover branded products to address the needs of their security-conscious consumer and enterprise customers.