Pentagon Jedi
A US federal judge has granted Amazon’s request for a preliminary injunction blocking the Department of Defense from proceeding with a $10bn US defence contract awarded to Microsoft while the case is litigated.
Amazon UK
Amazon workers across the UK have gone on strike, in a protest timed to coincide with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Workers are demanding an end to what they claim to be ‘appalling’ working conditions.
Pentagon Jedi
Microsoft has won a $10 billion Pentagon contract for cloud computing services. Amazon s considering a challenge to the award of the contract to Microsoft’s much smaller Azure business, citing President Donald Trump’s interference in the bidding process.
Amazon and other leading technology companies today announced the Voice Interoperability Initiative, a new program to ensure voice-enabled products provide customers with choice and flexibility through multiple, interoperable voice services. The initiative aims to have multiple voice assistants work next to each other on devices, rather than having customers have to lock themselves into one voice ecosystem.