Allot Mobile Trends Report: Consumer view on mobile malware

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As the Internet continues to go mobile, smartphones and tablets have become prime targets for malware attacks. The threat is real. But how much do consumers know about the risk of mobile malware? Do they protect their mobile devices from online threats? Have they been victimized by malware? Who do they call for help during or after a malware attack?

Allot Communications today released Allot MobileTrends H1/2017 Report: Consumer View on Mobile Security.

In previous Allot MobileTrends reports, the company analyzed online behaviors and apps that put mobile users at greater risk for malware infection. They further examined how global sports events induce mobile fans to engage with unfamiliar apps and websites, exposing them to greater potential for malware infection.

This time, the Allot Mobile Trends team went directly to consumers to find out what they know about malware and whether they protect themselves and their smartphones from online threats.

Allot Mobile Trends Report: Consumer view on mobile malware

The survey asked consumers what they know about online threats; their readiness to adopt mobile security services; and their perception of the service provider’s role in protecting them online. Results showed that 89% of consumers currently do not pay for mobile security services.

The survey also reveals that mobile consumers in every region, representing 61% overall, want and are willing to pay for protection services from their service provider.

Rather than independently seek out, evaluate and download security apps for each of their mobile devices, consumers would like a one-stop-shop for online protection for themselves and their families. This presents Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with a huge opportunity to be the provider of personal mobile security services from their network.

Allot Mobile Trends Report: Consumer view on mobile malware

Key Findings:

  • 68% of mobile Internet consumers say they are aware of malware. Of these, 1 in 7 consumers have experienced a malware attack in the past 12 months.
  • 26% of consumers contact the CSP when facing a malware incident. The same percentage of consumers contact the app developer and most consumers (35%) contact no one.
  • 89% of consumers do not pay to protect their mobile device(s) against online threats.
  • 61% of global respondents said they would like to buy a security service from their CSP for their connected devices.

Yaniv Sulkes, AVP Marketing at Allot Communications said,

“CSPs have a huge opportunity to be proactive and deliver relevant protection,”

“Our survey has revealed consumers are demanding simplified protection for their various connected devices and are willing to pay for it. CSPs are best placed to address this industry-wide issue and improve the customer experience.”

Allot will be showcasing a live demonstration of a network-based security service at Mobile World Congress 2017, taking place in Barcelona from February 27 through March 2, at its booth in Hall 5 Stand 5G41.


The Allot research team conducted a survey questionnaire with a self-selected sample of 2,150 mobile end-users around the world. They then conducted an analysis to detect the similarities and differences between socio-demographic factors: Regional Background: Africa, America, Asia, Australia & Europe. Age Groups: Up to 14, 15-24, 25-60 and 60+. Gender: Male / Female.

Number of mobile devices: 1-2 handsets, 3-4 handsets 5+ handsets.


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