Virtru’s brings encryption to third-party developers

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Virtru announced today it is opening up their encryptiontechnology to third party developers through the Virtru Data Protection Platform.

It’s all well and good to encrypt your email and files while using Virtru’s tools in these major platforms, but developers have been unable to tap into that encryption technology until now. The platform lets enterprises and government agencies embed Virtru encryption into any program.

That means that if your application includes a file store, you can encrypt the files whenever they are in motion (or at rest). You can attach an expiration date to a file, revoke access to any file instantly, even one that’s already been sent. You can also control the ability to copy and paste files or set a watermark on a file.

The systems currently in place for Google and Microsoft may cover a lot of enterprise use cases, but as CEO and co-founder John Ackerly points out, that encryption has traditionally been too hard to apply for most users. He says in the case of his company’s GMail product, “it’s literally a button in Gmail.” You can also set policies on the back-end so that encryption is set by default if you wish.

Virtru’s brings encryption to third-party developers

He says that by opening up these capabilities to third parties, Virtru is extending this ability beyond the standard ways they have been offering the product to any organization or developer to build this into their programs with a couple of lines of code.


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