SAP Announces Collaboration with White House’s “Computer Science for All” Initiative

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SAP Continues Long-Established Support of STEM Education in 2016

SAP today announced its support and collaboration in the White House’s “Computer Science for All” initiative, committed to helping America’s young people develop the technology and business skills they need to succeed in the digital economy.

The Computer Science for All initiative is aimed at students at levels K–12. This year’s participants, including SAP, were announced in a press release today from the White House, which hosted the sixth and final White House Science Fair of President Obama’s administration.

As part of its commitment, SAP agreed to maintain, or enhance, its long-standing contribution to the scientific and technical education of K–12 students across the United States. Primarily, this has come from the corporation’s support for STEM education, which in 2016 will provide $2.4 million in grants to nongovernmental organizations that promote STEM and computer science education to more than 700,000 K–12 students in America.

“SAP takes very seriously our responsibility to help develop the next generation of visionaries, innovators and entrepreneurs,” said Jennifer Morgan, president, SAP North America.

“Our entire industry must be focused on inspiring today’s youth to dream big and develop the skills they will need to ensure the United States remains the epicenter of technological innovation in the world.”

SAP has a long history of support for technology education that it hopes can assist the Computer Science for All initiative. In 2016, the company will:

  • Expand education initiatives realized by unique partnerships in major cities across North America between high schools, postsecondary institutions, local SAP offices and community-based organizations
  • Leverage a strong academic network through the SAP University Alliances community – made up of nearly 500 universities in the United States – with University Competence Center locations and academic centers of excellence, SAP customers, partners, start-ups and other key stakeholders to promote STEM and computer science education in all schools
  • Provide students opportunities to participate in exciting events, including SAP CodeJam, SAP InnoJam, hackathons and design-thinking workshops
  • Bring college and career expertise to high school students by partnering with local communities and schools to open technology schools in disadvantaged communities, with companies in the SAP ecosystem and professional mentors providing curriculum mapping for in-demand jobs at SAP and other IT occupations

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