Microsoft to move music streaming customers to Spotify

Rapid Carol
Posted on October 02, 2017, 9:13 pm
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Microsoft today announced it will soon close its Groove Music Pass streaming service and the ability to purchase songs and albums in the Windows Store.

Microsoft has partnered with Spotify to help move Groove Music Pass customers over to the latter’s service.

Starting December 31, the Groove Music app will lose its features for streaming, purchasing and downloading music. Microsoft promises that moving to Spotify will be pretty seamless and that virtually all the songs and playlists that Groove users created over the years will transfer to the new service.

Groove Music app users will have until January 31 to complete the transition to Spotify.

iPhone X Microsoft to move music streaming customers to Spotify

Microsoft says the actual Groove Music app won’t go away anytime soon and that it’ll still be available for playing back and managing music that’s stored locally.

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