Microsoft Cortana Coming to Outlook iOS & Android

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Microsoft is finally going to integrate Cortana into the main Outlook apps for iOS and Android. Email intelligence has already been partially integrated into Cortana, but now the full functionality will be applied with this integration.

The new feature is not available at the moment as it is  currently being tested with the mobile apps. That means we will probably see Microsoft Cortana in a very near future update on both iOS and Android.

While we are short on details about Cortana being integrated with Outlook, we do know a few things it would allow you to do. First of all, you would be able to use Cortana to both listen to emails and also reply to those emails. You would be doing this using your voice, which means it would be hands-free, and great for people on the go. The new feature would also allow you to do everything over Bluetooth.

That would include reading the messages out loud, and you can even ask Cortana various phrases. These phrases could include “Read Messages from” and then give the name of the person you want emails read from. You also could just ask Cortana what your email address is and Cortana would tell you.


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