Intellibox looking set to change the way we sell our phones

Success leads to national expansion for Intellibox

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Start-up company, Intellibox looks set to change the way we sell our phones. A pioneering new way to instantly exchange your unwanted phones for cash, begun in a few selected locations across the UK has been hailed as a ‘great success’.

Intelliboxes are self service kiosks that buy back customer phones and also provide customers free unlimited mobile phone charging facilities.

They are currently deployed in 40 UK locations throughout the length and breadth of the country (from Poole to Aberdeen and from Exeter to Grays).

CEO, Som Sinha, says:

“We are very happy that the ease, speed and reliability of the Intellibox, appeals to consumers. This is very encouraging for us as we can now look to expand in more locations nationwide”.

Intellibox is a great way to free up some cash after the holiday.  By simply placing your phone in a drawer in the self-service kiosk and following a few easy instructions, you can get a price quoted for your phone instantly.

If you like the price you simply agree and the money is quickly deposited in your bank account or if you prefer in an Amazon gift voucher.

The ‘ATM-style’ kiosks, which use patented technology to assess and value your phone are a significant improvement on the website based alternatives already used by millions of British consumers a year.


There is no longer any need to post your phone and wait for payment or worse, wait for your phone to be returned because the quote you were given has changed. Also, because the innovative technology used by Intellibox has already assessed your phone, the price you are quoted will always be the price you receive. Any phone can be sold this way, no matter if it is broken or damaged.

When the Intellibox scans and ‘shakes hands’ with your phone, it finds out everything it needs to know about the phone’s status and condition there and then. Because it uses hassle free cable-less technology, the Intellibox touches none of your private data or information in the process.

So if you have an old phone and need extra cash after the holiday, Intellibox means no waiting and no nasty surprises. What you see is what you get.

As an extra bonus, whether you use the service or not, every Intellibox offers free charging points for anyone to use.

Success in current locations could well lead to much bigger things for this ambitious start-up company.

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