ibex and Wixcorp to Digitally Transform Healthcare Patient Experiences

The ibex Wixcorp solution optimizes the patient journey

ibex and Wixcorp have formed a strategic partnership to enhance the patient financial experience across the healthcare vertical.

The movement toward patients as healthcare consumers, COVID-19-driven digital transformation, and sharp financial declines have accelerated the need for digital experiences that combine outsourced billing support with self-pay options that make the patient experience simple and easy. Unfortunately, hospitals and providers are behind the curve when it comes to evolving their business models.

To address this need, ibex and Wixcorp are launching a joint solution that combines customer support with a transformative suite of innovative, cloud-based patient financial solutions to increase patient satisfaction by converting traditional financial complexities into a simple, intuitive and engaging experience.

“COVID-19, along with other market pressures, has forced many healthcare organizations to accelerate the digital transformation of their business models as the age of healthcare consumerism takes hold,” said Bob Dechant, CEO, ibex.

“We are excited to partner with Wixcorp, combining ibex’s best-in-class customer support with their innovative technology to reduce costs and financial pressure for our healthcare customers, while revolutionizing their patient experience in today’s digital world.”

The ibex Wixcorp solution optimizes the patient journey, providing a consumer-facing revenue management solution that supports and empowers their customers’ patients. This includes technology-driven cost estimation, scheduling, and self-pay payment options all embedded in Wixcorp’s Redde technology platform.

Customers also benefit from experienced business process outsourcing provided by ibex, leveraging its world-class contact centre operations and customer support agents to provide exceptional billing customer service.

“Future growth and success for the healthcare industry is predicated in large part by providers’ ability to provide patient financial experiences that mirror those in other consumer-driven industries such as retail and banking,” said Eric Wixom, CEO, Wixcorp.

“By combining Wixcorp’s innovative Redde technology platform with ibex’s industry-leading global BPO customer support capabilities, our two companies will aim to improve operating margins for our customers, while enhancing their patient satisfaction through the delivery of a digitally transformed customer experience.”

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