BlackBerry First company to Support Purebred Across All Key Platforms

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BlackBerry announced today it is first to support Purebred across all key platforms used by the Department of Defense (DoD) such as native iOS, Android, Android Enterprise, Samsung Knox, Windows 10 and BlackBerry 10.

Purebred is the secure, scalable method of distributing software certificates for DoD PKI subscribers’ use on mobile devices.

Purebred is a key management server and set of apps for mobile devices. It aims to facilitate separating key management from device management so that key management maintains its affinity with the PKI and is consistent across the DoD enterprise, and device management can vary with each operational scenario.

Purebred was developed by DISA PKI Engineering to provide a secure, scalable method of distributing software certificates for DoD PKI subscribers’ use on commercial mobile devices. The system first establishes trust in device certificates used to encrypt configuration data bound for a device, then permits a subscriber to demonstrate possession and usage of their CAC to generate two new derived credentials and recover existing email encryption keys.

Carl Wiese, president of global sales, BlackBerry said,

“No matter the platform, our automatic delivery of derived credentials will make it faster for agencies to improve their security posture and provide the mobility employees need in today’s connected world,” 

“From military-grade encryption to Purebred support, BlackBerry provides the U.S. government with the most comprehensive, holistic approach to connecting and securing their people, devices, process, and systems.”

Derived credentials allow users to quickly access secure websites, digitally sign and decrypt emails, as well as access or authenticate to network resources – without the need to carry or present a Common Access Card (CAC) or Personal Identification Verification (PIV) card to verify their identity.

With tens of millions of cards in circulation in both government and enterprise use, BlackBerry’s support for derived credentials will allow IT to provide a secure authentication mechanism while providing users with the power to quickly identify themselves with a significantly reduced impact on productive workflows.


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