Microsoft acquires SaaS platform Movere

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Microsoft has acquired Movere, an innovative technology provider in the cloud migration space. Movere’s tech helps IT admins understand how the business is using data center tools and figure out the best options during the move to the public cloud.

Microsoft says Movere’s discovery and assessment capabilities will complement Azure Migrate and integrated partner solutions, making migration an easier process for customers.

Jeremy Winter Partner Director, Azure Management said,

Together, Azure Migrate, Movere, and our ecosystem of independent software vendor (ISV) partners’ solutions provide choice and a comprehensive set of capabilities from discovery, assessment, to migration and optimization. We aim to streamline our customers’ journey to the cloud, enabling them to bring innovation and transformation with the power of Azure.

Movere CEO Kristin Ireland stated,

Today, it is my great pleasure to announce that Movere has been acquired by Microsoft. When we started the company nearly 11 years ago, we were a consulting company that ambitiously wanted to change an industry; to live our passion; and to unleash our customers’ potential. Our relentless drive to do things better and faster pivoted our consulting practice toward enabling our customers to do more with data, and in turn to the relentless automation of data collection. Our goal to provide deeper customer value by providing actionable data and insights was realized with the launch of Movere: giving customers the power of the story that only data can tell.

From the beginning, the team at Microsoft has been some of our staunchest advocates and have brought together many of our customers and partners. With our growing and fabulous team focused on enabling the best possible customer outcomes, we continued to build on top of an already powerful platform; always driving to help customers enjoy the best migration experience possible.