Huawei to unveil Kunpeng on Sept 3

Huawei will unveil its Kunpeng Ecosystem Base and showcase its latest 5G development in Chengdu of China at the Asia-Pacific Innovation Day, scheduled to be held on Tuesday.

To advance the Kunpeng industry ecosystem, Huawei plan to invest Yuan 3 billion in next 5 years, Huawei Sunday.

Huawei has built an online Kunpeng community that provides acceleration libraries, compilers, toolchains and open-source operating systems, helping partners and developers quickly access capabilities regarding operating system, compiler, and application porting and optimisation, together to build, share, and win in the new computing era.

“Huawei has spent 30 years giving back to the world in which it operates. We are inspired by a vision to use technology to connect people and things in a way that will bring limitless brainpower to the challenges facing the planet and mankind.

Our work includes protecting the natural environment, endangered species, monument and heritage, with an aim to preserve these treasures for future generations,” said Vincent Pang, senior vice president and president of corporate communication of Huawei.

This year’s Asia-Pacific Innovation Day, on September 3 in Chengdu, will focus on innovative and meaningful applications of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and how they can drive progress in all areas of human endeavour.

During the event, experts, innovators, scholars, and policy-makers will discuss how we should use technology to re imagine our environment.