FusionSolar Smart PV Visual Show

Huawei to launch Smart PV Virtual Show on 11 June

A great opportunity to gather industry insights and to experience the latest FusionSolar Smart PV Solution

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Huawei is unveiling its First FusionSolar Smart PV Virtual Show on 11 June 2020, to engage global customers, partners and industry professionals. The event will be broadcasted live from Huawei Headquarters in Shenzhen, China.   

The event will mainly comprise of two segments. The first section will be a live broadcast of the keynote speech and the 2020 new products launch. The second section will allow participants to experience the industry’s first fully immersive virtual showroom, within which the whole suite of Huawei solutions will be demonstrated.

Main topics

  • Vision of Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solutions
  • Utility: The latest solutions for Optimal LCOE & Grid Supporting
  • C&I: The latest product portfolio for C&I Scenario for better electricity cost and active safety
  • Residential: The latest product portfolio for Residential scenario, including energy storage system
  • Management System: Release of latest management system version FusionSolar Management System 7.0
  • Green Energy: Micro-grid solution, Smart Data Center Solution & iSite Power Solution

Event Registration is open now and you can register here 

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