Huawei Sets Record 3.67Gbps 5G Network Speed in Zürich

Huawei has achieved a top speed of 3.67Gbps downlink with multiple 5G smartphones in one 5G cell in Zürich. The feat was achieved across multiple 5G smartphones connected to a single 5G cell on Swiss carrier Sunrise’s live commercial network, which is to say that the transfer speed isn’t theoretical or coming from a lab environment.

It is a new milestone of Huawei and Sunrise’s joint efforts to improve 5G experience after single user smartphone speed reaching up to 2Gbps earlier. The continuous improvement of 5G network quality and performance will bring about more and more service innovations with broadband internet connections, offering more choice and convenience to people in Switzerland cities and villages.

Sunrise is continuing to implement its “5G for People” plan and, with the close cooperation of Huawei, Sunrise is now providing 5G coverage in more than 262 cities/villages throughout Switzerland, offering maximum 5G speeds to enable broadband internet, HD-TV, interactive gaming 5G services etc.

Sunrise is actively implementing its plan to provide the entire Swiss population with 5G and wants to expand its 5G network as quickly as possible in all regions. Sunrise and Huawei will strengthen their cooperation in 5G area, providing more product and services in 5G for the people in Switzerland, and continuously deploy 5G networks in both urban and rural area.

Based on C-Band 100MHz bandwidth, the test is performed in Sunrise commercial network with Huawei 5G commercial network equipment fully conforming to 3GPP standards. Huawei innovative MU-MIMO technology substantially increases 5G capacity without additional requirement of spectrum and power resource.

The 10th Global Mobile Broadband Forum, hosted by Huawei, with support from industry partners GSMA and GTI, is to be held in Zurich, Switzerland, on October 15th and 16th, 2019.

This year’s conference theme is “5G, Gear Up” and focuses on supporting global cooperation around 5G development and use. It aims to establish an open platform for global mobile network operators, vertical industry leaders, and partners in the ecosystem to explore new ways to promote the industry’s sustainable growth.