Huawei ‘Quick Application Center’ brings HMS services support

Huawei’s “Quick Application Center” has received a new update today, bringing supports for HMS services.

The services supported include Huawei account phone number authorization, HMS positioning services, and HMS global payment functions, and supports the conversion of running applets into quick applications.

The “Quick Application Center” application serves Huawei’s essential systems. According to Huawei, the quick application is a new type of installation-free application. It has the advantages of a good Android application experience and powerful functions.

Quick apps are installation-free apps that are subject to a new set of standards supported by 12+ major Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, representing 85%+ of the Chinese market.

At least four major Chinese manufacturers are set to deploy quick apps globally within 6 months.Quick apps support all H5 apps, all H5 games, 90% of app categories, and 90% of game categories.

A quick app requires only 20% of the code of an Android app and can be developed within as little as 3 days, are installation-free and can update automatically and can be added to the home screen and directly used with a single touch.

After being seamlessly integrated into HUAWEI Ability Gallery, quick apps can be easily accessed through HUAWEI Assistant, Global Search, and more

It also has the convenience of HTML5 web pages that do not need to be installed, take up less storage, and can be automatically updated.

Huawei pointed out that the Quick Application Center is the necessary operating environment for running quick applications, and only needs to be installed once to support all quick applications.