Huawei opening Cybersecurity and Transparency Center in Rome

Huawei calls on industry and government to establish unified, objective cyber security standards

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Huawei is to open a Cybersecurity and Transparency Center in Rome next year. The Center will be operational in September 2021 and will complement existing centers in Banbury (Britain), Brussels, Bonn (Germany), Dubai, Shenzhen, and Toronto.

Based in Rome, the Cyber Security Transparency Centre will have three major functions.

First, the Centre will showcase Huawei’s end-to-end cyber security practices, from strategies and supply chain to R&D and products and solutions. This will allow visitors to experience cyber security with Huawei’s products and solutions, in areas including 5G, IoT, and cloud.

Second, the Centre will facilitate communication between Huawei and key stakeholders on cyber security strategies and end-to-end cyber security and privacy protection practices. Huawei will work with industry partners to explore and promote the development of security standards and verification mechanisms, to facilitate technological innovation in cyber security across the industry.

Third, the Centre will provide a product security testing and verification platform and related services to Huawei customers.

“5G technologies are … introducing a new digital dimension we are not yet used to today,” commented Huawei Italy President Luigi De Vecchis.

“5G is one of the turning points that will expand the potential of cyberspace for our societies, economies, and lifestyles. With today’s announcement, we aim at providing a constructive environment in which to show our openness, collaboration and transparency to build a digital Italy,”

Safeguarding cyber security is considered to be a shared goal of all stakeholders, including equipment providers, telecom carriers, and regulators. Huawei has placed cyber security and user privacy protection on the very top of their agenda. Huawei’s approach to cyber security is “Security or Nothing”.

Huawei’s cyber security transparency centres are open to customers and independent third-party testing organizations. They are invited to perform fair, objective, and independent security tests and verifications according to industry-recognized cyber security standards and best practices.

These centres are equipped with dedicated testing environments, to provide customers and third parties with Huawei products, software, technical documents, testing tools, and necessary technical support.

Giuseppe Pignari, cybersecurity officer of Huawei Italy, said that Huawei has made cybersecurity “its major priority since 2010.”

“Cybersecurity and Transparency Centers are part of the strategy we have been following … to allow Italian customers, partners, institutions, and government to better understand and verify how Huawei is addressing cybersecurity across all its processes and products,” Pignari said.

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