Huawei Digital Oilfield iOT Nigeria

Huawei Launches Digital Oilfield IoT Solution In Nigeria

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Huawei has launched its Digital Oilfield IoT solution at the Nigeria International Petroleum Summit 2020.

During a workshop presentation to customers and partners at NIPS2020, Huawei said the solution, which uses 4G eLTE broadband and Artificial Intelligence technology, provides full wireless network coverage which can enhance the operational transparency and safety of the Oil & Gas sector in Nigeria covering the oil fields, depots and pipelines.

Tank Li, , Huawei Nigeria Enterprise Managing Director (Abuja office) said,

“Operationally, there are a lot of activities which take place at the depot locations. With the Huawei Digital IoT Solution, all stakeholders will be able to monitor activities by installing our Artificial Intelligence surveillance cameras which can detect unusual movements around the premises.

“This AI technology which records video uses surveillance cameras that communicate with each other and then passes the information to the operational team. For example, the AI surveillance can prevent unauthorized entrance into the premises.”

The Digital IoT Solution is also expected to take real-time data of daily oil production in the country which will enable full transparency for the sector.

“Another advantage of this solution using the 4G eLTE is its capacity to enable stakeholders monitor the daily oil production in real time. This has been an issue for the industry in terms of not being able to take adequate account of daily production. This solution will help create transparency, help take full records and improve efficiency for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.” Tank Li added.

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