Huawei launches AI-backed cloud service in Brazil

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Huawei has launched its artificial intelligence-backed cloud storage service in Brazil, as part of its expansion plans in the South American country.

During a presentation in Sao Paulo, the CEO of Huawei Cloud Brazil, Qin Dan, spotlighted the service’s advantages for clients and partners.

“We have the technology, experience, security and support so our clients can transform and expand their businesses. We are here to provide them with solutions,” said Qin.

Erik Schanz, the company’s business development manager, said Huawei Cloud is set to compete in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy, with U.S. companies that provide similar services, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

The Asian giant’s technological capacity has allowed it to develop its cloud services in 11 regions around the globe, including Mexico, Chile and now Brazil, he said.

“We have positioned ourselves in Brazil, and in Latin America in general, to cater to all companies that are marching towards digital transformation,” said Schanz.

Huawei Cloud’s hallmark has been the ability to perfect personalised storage systems through multitier architecture, hybrid clouds and local technical support that benefits from global experience, he said.

“Cloud computing is an essential factor in driving the digital transformation of companies,” said Schanz.

“That’s why we are determined to disseminate the Huawei Cloud concept as an innovative platform that can, as a result, contribute to the country’s economic development,” he added.

In a statement, the company noted that “another important benefit of Huawei Cloud is linked to the development in Brazil of 5G technology, whose main characteristics are its very high speed … and high connectivity.”

According to Huawei, the cloud is capable of storing massive amounts of big data, and with the addition of 5G is ideal for logistical applications, telemedicine, intelligent homes, and augmented or virtual reality.

The company also presented its Huawei Cloud Partner Network (HCPN), which has 291 partners in Latin America, including 80 in Brazil.

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