Huawei Encourages UK to Consider Its Next Move on 5G

Huawei is a provider of all four UK network operators

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Huawei has encouraged the UK to consider its next move on 5G and says US sanctions which impact the firm’s ability to supply processors because of its telco kit won’t affect its supply chain.

Washington continues to be hostile towards Huawei, asserting that its gear is a danger to national safety and that the company has hyperlinks to the authorities.

Huawei has consistently denied any allegations and the US still hasn’t produced any actual evidence. However, depsite this the US has advocated allies, such as the UK, to follow its lead.

Huawei is a provider of all four UK network operators, and in January it was approved to play a part in the 5G networks by the UK Government. The rules maintained the status quo by banning Huawei kit in the centre layer of the community but allowing the usage of the radio gear of their firm.

However, it has been reported earlier this week the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) considers that the new constraints fundamentally affects the safety situation and impacts its capacity to mitigate any possible dangers.

This could result in new regulations which would prohibit purchasing brand new Huawei kit from 2027.

Huawei Vice President Victor Zhang claims that the US sanctions will require some time before coming to some decisions and the government must take time.

“These constraints have not affected Huawei’s capacity to provide into the UK’s 5G and fibre alternative now,” Zhang stated.

“We will need to discuss the long-term impact, and it requires some time, it takes weeks.

“We think it’s imperative to wait till all of the details and consequences are understood. Now’s not the time to be hasty in creating such a critical decision about Huawei.”

Mobile operators assert any ban could be tumultuous as it might cause delays to the 5G rollout and innovation, damaging consumers and businesses as well as the UK’s post-coronavirus market.

Huawei has established a media campaign which seemed to market its capacity and to dispel myths.

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