Telegram Messaging app hitting millions of downloads a day since Facebook bought WhatsApp

Following the Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp, Telegram has started garnering millions of downloads a day, hitting 5 M downloads last Sunday alone. Telegram, which launched just last October, is hitting the big time in the global application market… thanks to what is perceived to be a backlash against the Facebook-WhatsApp merger.

When Telegram launched last autumn, it was widely viewed as being much too little, too late. WhatsApp had already topped 400 M monthly active users. Asian giants like LINE and WeChat had also amassed hundreds of millions. What could a late entrant do? A lot – particularly because Telegram was modeled very, very closely after WhatsApp. Unlike the gaudy bazaars of LINE and KakaoTalk, Telegram had the same clean, austere vibe as WhatsApp. Since Telegram claimed to possess far stronger encryption protection than WhatsApp, it was a perfect replacement app in case consumers found reason to dump their original messaging app.

And after Facebook bought WhatsApp, millions of consumers are suddenly motivated to switch out.

In America, Telegram downloads have grown by 20 times since the acquisition; but in Germany, the growth has been 96-fold – and in Netherlands, a stunning 147-fold. Suggestively, the three biggest Telegram countries are now European, though only one was before WhatsApp was acquired. According to App Annie, Telegram has soared to Number 1 app in five biggest Latin American countries, as well as four of Europe’s biggest markets. Interestingly, the only major European market where Telegram is not the Number 1 app today is here in the UK.

Telegram is designed to resemble WhatsApp so closely, the transition is relatively painless.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]