Open Peak wrapping servers now compatible with iOS 9.3 and BlackBerry Secure Work Space

Back in March of this year, we reported how BlackBerry  Secure Work Space users should not upgrade to iOS 9.3 due to compatibility issues.

Apple introduced changes in iOS 9.3 that required BlackBerry to update the Secure Work Space security model and corresponding Secure Work Space apps. These changes required Secure Work Space to leverage iOS encryption which is enabled only if a device passcode exists.

For that reason, Secure Work Space users should not upgrade their devices to iOS 9.3 until BlackBerry release updated versions of the Secure Work Space apps.

BlackBerry have announced today that Open Peak wrapping servers have now been updated to allow your apps to be compatible with iOS 9.3 & BlackBerry Secure Work Space.

Developers can now head to the Open Peak Wrapping Portal and log in with your existing credentials in order to wrap your app.

Post wrapping, you should test your app and post on the App Store.