EY launches EY Absolute with Microsoft to bring UK businesses increased efficiencies to finance function

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EY has announced that it is working with Microsoft to help UK businesses improve the efficiency of their finance function through a new digital platform called EY Absolute™.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, the EY Absolute digital platform helps UK businesses improve the efficiency of their finance function through a range of core accounting and tax services, including invoice processing, bookkeeping, management accounting, statutory accounts, payroll and corporate tax/VAT returns.

EY Absolute’s broad suite of services allows businesses to outsource securely financial processes to EY, helping clients to focus on analysis and strategies. To support businesses in their decision-making, EY Absolute leverages EY proven experience in data analytics to provide relevant, accurate and timely management information based on businesses’ key performance data, allowing clients to focus on growing their business.

Tina Gill, Partner, EY Absolute Lead, Ernst & Young LLP, says:

“The needs of businesses are changing, and they are looking for a different way to deal with their finance function activities and for quality data to support their decision-making. The use of cloud-based technology enables us to collaborate with a business, giving it real-time access to its data and full visibility of the services being provided by their EY Absolute team. As a result, this effectively provides an extension of its own finance team.”

Stuart Orr, Partner, EY UK&I Alliance Lead, Ernst & Young LLP, says:

“Collaborating with Microsoft, provides impetus for new services, innovation and inspiration. EY Absolute is a great example of combining EY services with a range of Microsoft technology.”

The EY Absolute digital platform, underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV and deployed on the Azure cloud platform, can be accessed by clients and the EY Absolute team associated with them. As a result, businesses can outsource part, or all, of its finance functions while retaining control of, and access to, its data.

By leveraging these technologies, EY Absolute can help companies improve the efficiency of their finance function by:

  • Reducing the cost of core accounting processes
  • Improving the quality of their data
  • Providing 24/7 access to data via a digital platform

Victor Morales, Vice President, Microsoft Corporation, says:

“EY and Microsoft are working together to support customers’ digital transformation by enabling innovative and disruptive new services in bookkeeping, accounting and tax. With EY Absolute, the processing power of the Microsoft cloud is now available to businesses in the UK delivering complex data analysis and visualization, and eliminating the need to purchase and maintain multiple costly and complex systems.”


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