Android Pay launches in Belgium

Rapid Yvonne
Posted on March 07, 2017, 9:35 am
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Google has continued the expansion of Android Pay, as the company launched its mobile payments system in Belgium.

Users will be able to pay at over 85,000 retail locations with Android Pay, including Carrefour, McDonald’s, Media Markt, H&M, and more.

Initially, the system will launch with Visa and Mastercard credit card support from the following banks: BNP Paribas Fortis, Fintro, and Hello bank. Google state that debit cards will be supported shortly along with CBC/KBC cards.

Android Pay is now available to users in the U.S., UK, Ireland, Poland, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealandand Belgium.

iPhone X Android Pay launches in Belgium

According to Google, using a service such as Android Pay is more secure than using a plastic card, as it uses tokenisation to process payment details, which means the retailer gets a newly-generated virtual number rather than your real card number.

Using Android Pay is simple. To start, customers simply need  to download the app on Google Play, add your supported card and start shopping.

Rapid Yvonne
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