OnePlus to unveil First Concept Phone at CES 2020

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OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau has announced that the company will host its own special event at CES next month. On December 17, 2019, the 6th anniversary of its founding, the company will introduce its first-ever concept phone, the OnePlus Concept One, at CES 2020.

In the past six years, OnePlus has produced a total of 13 smartphones. With this year’s OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus delivered the world’s first QHD+ AMOLED 90Hz display.

OnePlus says that the name itself, Concept One, is a clear promise that this device is only the first in a series to come

[Concept One] shows OnePlus’ commitment to applied, innovative technology – bringing users an ever smoother, faster, and more “burdenless” experience.

The OnePlus Concept One demonstrates a vision of both new technology and alternate design approach for the future of smartphones.

The OnePlus Concept One special event will be held from January 7 to 10, 2020, from 10 AM to 5 PM, at the Wynn Las Vegas