Huawei rolling out Harmony OS to more products in 2020

Huawei plans to use its HarmonyOS Android alternative operating system in more products next year, as it produces its first smartphones without US-made parts. The company is to expand its HarmonyOS into more of its products in 2020 with plans to release Harmony-based products both in China and internationally.

However, the company is currently targeting devices such as smartwatches, speakers and virtual reality devices, rather than smartphones, tablets or computers.

The announcement was first announced in the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily newspaper, citing comments made by Wang Chenglu, who heads the software development division of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group.

HarmonyOS, which is known as Hongmeng in Chinese, was first used to power a connected television, and Huawei said it would prefer to continue using Android for its smartphones and tablets if possible.

Much speculation has been made about whether Huawei would use Harmony OS across its smartphones, particularly in light of the current US trade embargo against the Chinese business. Its latest flagship Mate 30 handset shipped without Google Play as a result, forcing users to use the Huawei AppGallery app.