Huawei announces P30 Pro in two new colours with Android 10

Huawei announced a new version of its current P30 Pro flagship phone today, which will run Android 10, the newest version of Google’s operating system. The device, which will be released on September 20, is identical internally to the current P30 Pro but has been given a new external look and colours.

Debuting in mystic blue and misty lavender, the fresh flavours have a typical glossy smartphone finish on their top half but also tote a brushed feel on their bottom. Huawei claims the new coating on the bottom half should showcase fingerprints less prominently.

The announcement comes despite continued uncertainty over the company’s smartphone business after Google said last week the firm may not be able to use its Android operating system on new phones under current US trade restrictions placed on Huawei. The P30 Pro was first released in March and is therefore not impacted by the current restrictions.

The new colours will be available on September 20, but Huawei has yet to reveal which markets will get access to the phones.