BlackBerry Secure Punkt MP02 to launch 17 September

Back in March of this year, BlackBerry announced it had signed a technology and brand licensing deal for “BlackBerry Secure” with Swiss consumer electronics maker, Punkt Tronics AG.

The new agreement enables Punkt to bring to market a range of highly-secure products which embed BlackBerry cybersecurity technology, be certified as BlackBerry Secure, and be shipped ready to safely and securely connect to home and enterprise networks.

Punkt MP02 will be the first phone released under the new licensing agreement and will be launched at the London Design Festival on 17 September.

BlackBerry adds enhanced security to the device at the point of manufacture, which means the MP02 is hardened and highly secure. With BlackBerry’s integrated software components, the MP02 will be built with security from the start so you can trust that your data will be safe.

While the Punkt MP02 is a “dumb phone” it does include a number of extra features. For example, you can link a tablet or laptop to it for Internet access. The MP02 operates on 4G LTE, and provides data linking for secondary devices.

In addition to BlackBerry Secure, Punkt MP02 features Android OS, threaded text-messaging with user-defined dictionary, and a bespoke user interface that Punkt describe as “unlike anything ever seen before”.

Full product specifications will be released on 17 September, the same date that pre-orders for the MP02 will be available.