BlackBerry releases June 2019 Android Security Update for BlackBerry Android devices

BlackBerry has today rolled out the June 2019 Android Security update to BlackBerry Android devices.

The Android Security Bulletin contains details of security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices. BlackBerry releases security bulletins to notify users of its Android smartphones about available security fixes.

The following vulnerabilities have been remediated in this update:

Elevation of Privilege in FrameworkCVE-2019-2090
Elevation of Privilege in FrameworkCVE-2019-2091
Elevation of Privilege in FrameworkCVE-2019-2092
Remote Code Execution in Media FrameworkCVE-2019-2094
Elevation of Privilege in Media FrameworkCVE-2019-2096
Remote Code Execution in SystemCVE-2019-2097
Elevation of Privilege in SystemCVE-2019-2102
Elevation of Privilege in SystemCVE-2019-2098
Elevation of Privilege in SystemCVE-2019-2099
Information Disclosure in FrameworkCVE-2018-9526
Information Disclosure in Kernel ComponentsCVE-2019-2101
Vulnerability in Qualcomm ComponentsCVE-2019-2269
Vulnerability in Qualcomm ComponentsCVE-2019-2287
Vulnerability in Qualcomm ComponentsCVE-2019-2292
Vulnerability in Qualcomm Closed-Source ComponentsCVE-2018-13924
Vulnerability in Qualcomm Closed-Source ComponentsCVE-2019-2279

If you own an Android device from BlackBerry and are not seeing the system update message, you can check manually by heading into Settings -> About phone -> System updates and checking manually. Look for Android security patch level June 5 2019 or later.

Updated software builds may also be available from other retailers or carriers, dependent on their deployment schedules.

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