BlackBerry 10.3.2 Begins Roll Out in U.S.

BlackBerry has officially started the rollout of OS 10.3.2 to users in the U.S., beginning with BlackBerry Classic users on Verizon and T-Mobile networks today. For users on AT&T and outside of the U.S., the 10.3.2 update will be available in the coming weeks.

BlackBerry say:

“With this update, all U.S. BlackBerry users will get to enjoy a fresh look, improved features, even stronger security and anti-theft protection (BlackBerry Protect!), and access to the Amazon Appstore, with hundreds of thousands of Android apps. More power, more privacy, and even more productivity.”

The BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 update will be available for all BlackBerry 10 devices – BlackBerry Passport, Classic, and Leap, as well as the Z3, Z10 and Z30, and the Q5 and Q10, and all of the Porsche Design devices.

BlackBerry also announced a follow-up OS update by way of BlackBerry 10.3.3, but no specific details of that release were supplied.

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