Samsung announce collaboration with BMW and Volkswagen

Samsung have announced that they will be collaborating with Volkswagen and BMW to enable notifications directly on car dashboards.

For BMW, notifications will come to the driver and passengers via the SmartThings Hub whereas for Volkswagen vehicles, they will be displayed via Car Mode for Galaxy, an app powered by MirrorLink

Users will be able to control the Car Mode for Galaxy app using both voice and touch to listen to music, get texts read aloud and make and recieve calls as well as use it as a GPS device.

This is very similar to how Google Now works on handsets but until now, you would have to strap your phone to the dashboard. Samsung’s new offering will also allow owners to lock and unlock their cars using the app.

Car Mode can also be used normally without the mirroring feature.

Samsung’s partnership with Volkswagen will also integrate their current Car-Net e-Remote app which will help bring together Samsung’s latest smartwatch that was also launched at IFA.

On your wrist will be the ability to locate a parked car, adjust climate control within the car as well as check if your electric car needs a juice up.

“At the heart of all Samsung’s IoT innovations,” said Dr W.P. Hong, “is our long-standing approach of researching and observing people’s daily lives, and looking beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of enriching them, by turning everyday moments into enjoyable experiences. This philosophy will not change as we lead the way to a smarter, more connected, and more human future for us all.”