IMImobile teams up with Mavenir for RCS Business Messaging

IMImobile has teamed up with US network software giant Mavenir to launch an RCS messaging initiative. IMImobile and Mavenir will work together with global operator mutual customers, integrated RCS enablement technologies and a shared vision to increase adoption of this new channel globally.

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is an evolution of traditional mobile messaging: a richer, more engaging form of communication that matches customer demand for more sophisticated experiences from businesses. It lets customers engage with businesses directly via their messaging app, engaging with virtual assistants to book flights, buy clothes, pay bills or confirm reservations, for example.

This partnership will tap into RCS’ growing popularity, and will see the two companies work together with their operator mutual customers to increase RCS adoption globally.

BG Kumar, President Communication Services Group at Mavenir said:

“At Mavenir, we embrace disruptive innovative technologies that drive service agility, flexibility and velocity. By working closely with IMImobile we can innovate to meet the growing demand from customers who prefer to communicate with businesses over more interactive channels such as RCS.”

IMImobile’s Enterprise CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), IMIconnect, enables businesses to intelligently create, manage and automate end-to-end customer communications across multiple channels.

Earlier this year, IMImobile announced the release of its unified RCS messaging API. Through the API and alongside IMIconnect’s low-code tools and visual workflow builder, enterprises can design, build and launch RCS messaging journeys at speed and scale.

Mavenir will be leveraging these communications orchestration capabilities as well as IMImobile’s AI software to automate customer journeys.

Jay Patel, Chief Executive of IMImobile, commented:

“We are delighted to work together with Mavenir to accelerate market adoption of RCS for leading enterprises worldwide. Our recent acquisition of 3Cinteractive has established the Group as a leading global provider of RCS solutions.’