Google Play Services update brings connecting multiple Wear devices and more

Google has released an update to Google Play Services, bringing the latest version to version 7.3.

Version 7.3 of Google Play Services brings some new feature additions for developers to take advantage of. Included in this update is the ability to connect more than one wearable to a device at a time, as well as some additions to Google Fit.

We have seen lots of additions to Android Wear recently, and this gives developers the ability to do even more with the platform.

Another new addition for Android Wear is the ChannelApi, which provides a bidirectional data connection between two nodes.

While assets are the best way to efficiently add binary data to the data layer for synchronization to all devices, this API focuses on sending larger binary data directly between specific nodes. This comes in two forms: sending full files via the sendFile() method (perfect for later offline access) or opening an OutputStream to stream real time binary data.

In addition, Google is making Google Fit even better with the addition of nutrition types, giving a more granular view of the nutrition information. Updates have been made to location services also, expanding the maximum wait time for location updates.

You can read more details on the update here.

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