ZTE and China Mobile launch China’s first 5G medical edge cloud platform

Industry's first 5G intelligent edge cloud platform

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ZTE and China Mobile have launched China’s first 5G medical edge cloud platform. As a new-generation 5G information communication infrastructure for medical industry customers, it is the industry’s first 5G intelligent edge cloud platform, employing a cloud-network integrated architecture.

Integrating 5G slicing and edge computing technologies, the 5G medical edge cloud platform can well satisfy the core capability requirements for connection, computing, storage, middle platform, service and security in the medical industry in a one-stop manner, thereby providing manageable and controllable cloud-network integrated services.

The 5G edge cloud deployed on the user side can effectively shorten the network route and greatly reduce network delay. In addition, the highly reliable connection guarantee capability of the 5G private network enables innovative medical applications, such as remote diagnosis and surgery, AI assistance, mobile medicine and surgical instruction.

Moreover, the 5G medical edge cloud can effectively implement big data management of medical health care. The medical application systems on the edge cloud can be quickly interconnected, with their data being calculated, stored, and managed flexibly as required.

The 5G medical edge cloud can also significantly reduce the cost of medical informatization by means of the unified cloud-based deployment of various  medical application systems. The open architecture of the 5G medical edge cloud can provide various applications with standard interfaces and provide hospitals with integrated smart medical solutions, thus building a smart medical application ecosystem.

To date, nearly 100 Internet medical applications have been deployed on China Mobile’s 5G medical edge cloud, making it quite convenient for patients to access various medical services.

As strategic partners, ZTE and China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute have set up a joint 5G Innovation Lab where the two parties carry out in-depth cooperation in industry-dedicated network technologies and MEC (Multi-access edge computing).

In addition, based on 5G slicing, MEC, XR, and other technologies, ZTE and China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute have explored innovative applications in healthcare and other fields, for instance, the 5G medical edge cloud.

China Mobile’s 5G medical edge cloud will accelerate the large-scale applications of China Mobile’s new-generation 5G smart hospital solutions, and facilitate the industry development of medical informatization.

Moving forward, ZTE says it will continue to strengthen cooperation with China Mobile, and work with industry partners to provide better network services and smarter applications. ZTE will keep promoting the construction of new information and communication infrastructure in the healthcare sector while facilitating the development of the telemedicine industry, so as to create a new era of 5G smart healthcare.

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