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BlackBerry files patent infringement lawsuit against Snap Inc

BlackBerry has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Snap Inc. SImilar to the companies lawsuit against Facebook last month, BlackBerry says that Snap has infringed on intellectual property, including innovations on real-time activity location for maps, message notification techniques and methods for integrating advertising on mobile devices.

Samsung Launches Samsung Design Innovation Center

Samsung today announced the launch of the Samsung Design Innovation Center (SDIC), a design lab dedicated to the integration of disruptive user-experiences to product design, in San Francisco, California. Dr. Federico Casalegno, an associate professor of the practice at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

BlackBerry to face amended lawsuit over Misleading BlackBerry 10 prospects

Back in March of 2015, BlackBerry won the dismissal of a U.S. lawsuit accusing it of fraudulently inflating its stock price by painting a misleadingly upbeat picture of the prospects for its BlackBerry 10 smartphones. However, after the plaintiffs submitted an amended lawsuit, over statements related to blackberry 10, a US Judge has rejected BlackBerry's request to dismiss the amended lawsuit.

Former Equifax Executive Charged With Insider Trading

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a former chief information officer of a U.S. business unit of Equifax with insider trading in advance of the company’s September 2017 announcement about a massive data breach that exposed the social security numbers and other personal information of about 148 million U.S. customers.

Trump kills off Broadcom’s attempted takeover of Qualcomm with national security order

Donald Trump has blocked Broadcom's $142bn (£102m) takeover of US rival Qualcomm, killing the biggest technology deal ever under the assertion that it would be a threat to U.S. national security. In an order issued on Monday evening, the US president said there was "credible evidence" that led him to believe that, in buying Qualcomm, Broadcom "might take action that that threatens to impair the national security of the United States".

California Introduces ‘right to repair’ bill for Electronics

Assembly member Susan Talamantes Eggman has announced that she will be introducing the California Right to Repair Actt, joining 17 other US states with similar legislation on the table. The legislation would require manufacturers of electronics to make diagnostic and repair information, as well as equipment or service parts, available to product owners and to independent repair shops.

Microsoft to offer Governments on-premise Azure Cloud Service

Microsoft will soon make it possible for government clients to run its cloud technology on their own servers as part of a concerted effort to make Azure more appealing to local and federal agencies. The pairing of Azure Stack, Microsoft’s localized cloud product, and Azure Government, the government-tailored version of Microsoft’s cloud, comes as competition against Amazon for major clients in the public sector ramps up.

Apple bringing health records to iPhone

Apple today introduced a major update to the Health app with the iOS 11.3 beta, debuting a feature for customers to see their medical records right on their iPhone. The updated Health Records section within the Health app brings together hospitals, clinics and the existing Health app.

Euro Tech Week Kicks Off At CES 2018

Global startups and digital stakeholders will all be networking during Euro Tech Week happening at CES 18. Euro Tech Week allows CES international visitors and exhibitors to meet, exchange, and possibly start collaborating between themselves and with US counterparts before and during CES.
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