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Apple unveils ARKit 2

Apple today introduced ARKit 2, a platform allowing developers to integrate shared experiences, persistent AR experiences tied to a specific location, object detection and image tracking to make AR apps even more dynamic.

Virtru’s brings encryption to third-party developers

Virtru announced today it is opening up their encryptiontechnology to third party developers through the Virtru Data Protection Platform. It’s all well and good to encrypt your email and files while using Virtru’s tools in these major platforms, but developers have been unable to tap into that encryption technology until now.

BlackBerry World will no longer offer Paid Apps from April 1, 2018

Being a BlackBerry developer has always come with a lot of challenges. Even in the Enterprise sphere it has never been a straightforward task. As a developer I've questioned myself many times "is it worth it". Even as a BlackBerry 10 user, I've always felt ripped off "having" to pay for apps that were not only free, but legal on other platforms.

Twitter changes Developer Rules to crack down on Bots

Twitter has announced changes to its API that will massively reduce the impact of services that allow links and content to be shared across multiple accounts, i.e. the software that powers Twitter bots. This should bring an end to services that let those controlling large numbers of accounts to batch tweet, follow users, retweet or like tweets.

Appdome Joins AppConfig Community

Appdome has joined the AppConfig Community, re-affirming its ongoing commitment to a secure and efficient mobile industry. AppConfig’s best practice feature-set can now be automatically integrated in apps via the Appdome platform...