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Usecrypt Messenger rolls out on Android and iOS

A European team of cryptographers, cryptologists and programming specialists have developed a new application they claim will revolutionize the world of mobile communication. They claim that it is in fact more secure that talking to someone face-to-face.

Android P Developer Preview unveiled by Google

Google has today announced Android P, which won’t get a real name or version number at the moment due to the fact that this is an early baseline build for developers only. Like Android Oreo, the P release doesn’t come with a lot of major feature additions. There are several notable additions, and then a massive number of small tweaks and API changes for developers.

Video Chat comes to Facebook Messenger Lite for Android

Facebook has implemented video chatting in Messenger Lite, a slimmed down version of Messenger for Android that offers the core features of the app while giving everyone the opportunity to stay connected to their friends and family, intended for people with older Android devices and/or slower Internet connections.

MomentCam Hong Kong rolls out BBMoji – Your personalized BBM Stickers

MomentCam Hong Kong has released BBMoji, an app allowing users to create customised emojis and "expressive and funny stickers of yourself" and your friends on BBM. Interestingly, BBMoji appears to be a companion app for the consumer version of BBM, as the app states that in order to use it, you need to have have the latest version of BBM installed.

Fakeapp Android Malware stealing Facebook Account Details

In a new identified scam detected by Symantec, a malicious app dubbed ‘Android.Fakeapp’, involves a new malware strain that is phishing for Facebook login credentials directly from the targeted devices. Named Fakeapp, this new malware strain was detected earlier this month by Symantec researchers.
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