OnwardMobility hires Eric Fillmore as VP & General Manager of T-Mobile

OnwardMobility continue the trend of announcing new employees

Eric Fillmore

It seems like some time ago that OnwardMobility announced that they would be releasing a BlackBerry-branded device some time in 2021.

While we have had news of staff being hired, news of the impending smartphone has been zero.

OnwardMobility continue the trend of announcing new employees though and have announced that they have hired Eric Fillmore as Vice President & General Manager of T-Mobile.

OnwardMobility state that in this new role, Eric will be responsible for strategy, sales, and marketing for OnwardMobility’s business with T-Mobile.

Interestingly, this would possibly infer that OnwardMobility has achieved some form of carrier relationship with T-Mobile for the new BlackBerry phone, which would be a major development – as getting carriers on-board would be seen as one of the company’s major hurdles.

OnwardMobility state:

“Fillmore will establish and build relationships at all levels of T-Mobile’s organization, across all functional areas including sales, marketing, supply chain, procurement and finance.”

Fillmore brings to the table more than 20 years of sales experience in the mobile industry, with previous sales leadership roles at Sonim Technologies, LG Electronics, and Kyocera International – Communications Equipment Group.

In his current role as Senior Director of Sales at Sonim Technologies, Fillmore lead strategic planning and execution of marketing plans and business development strategies to drive increased revenue.

Prior to that, he was a National Director of Sales at LG Electronics, where he directed a team of 6 sales and marketing executives to secure business relationships with telecommunication corporations to initiate sale of mobile phones.

Fillmore will be based in Overland Park, KS. 

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